Hello everyone!

I would formally like to introduce myself as the owner of ReadJamie.  I decided to challenge myself once again and open this up.  I feel like blogs are one of those things everyone always wants to try but never actually do.  Starting a blog along with making videos, baking, vegetarianism, Youtube, etc. are thing I’ve always wanted and still want to try.  I’ve convinced myself year after year to “start it next month” and never actually did.  Well, now it’s time.  And this time it’s a blog! I believe it’s important to at least give a shot at anything you are remotely interested in.  That’s what life is and where you find joy.  So, this is me taking my own advice.  My first post will be about makeup (which will go up within a few hours of my intro), but, I am not restricting my blog to just beauty but will be releasing a variety of content like travel, fashion, and advice.  I hope y’all leave me lots of love and enjoy this ride just as much as I will be.

Till next time,



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